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A Family Update

From the Capobianco family, Sarita, Alessandro, and Vince in the fifth grade. 

Our new daily norm for our family is that with four boys they are on their zoom classes for the majority of the morning and early afternoon. In the afternoon we usually go outside for a hike or work in our yard. We have some new baby chickens that we are working on building a coop for and also doing a lot of projects around the house. Vince recently got a new bike so he has been spending a lot of time biking around our neighborhood and playing with his dogs.


Bunnies for Adoption!

Springtime, furry, warm, cuddly, affectionate, silly, bouncy, bunnies are available for adoption as of mid-June. If you are interested you can contact Matthew Yoors at 978-675-7530.



A reminder that as we search for those most sought after items on Amazon.com, we consider initiating and using Smile.Amazon.com so our purchases can contribute extra fundraising dollars to our school.



Book Group

Our next book is called Cutting Stone by Abraham Verghese. Next Zoom gathering TBA. Let us know you want to join the discussion by writing to Deann Reyes-Wangh at dreyeswangh@waldorfmoraine.org 


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