It’s a pleasure. 

Waldorf education is unique because your child is unique. Our teaching approach meets each child where they are—academically, socially and emotionally—to help your child become the best thinker, student, leader, and citizen of the world they can be.

A note from our

Admissions Director

Welcome to Waldorf School at Moraine Farm! We’re delighted you’re here!

Waldorf education is dedicated to educating the whole child: head, heart, and hands. Through a well-balanced curriculum of academics, arts, and practical experiences, we engage students intellectually, emotionally, and physically. Our small classes, hands-on outdoor learning, and a curriculum threaded with art, music and movement help students develop confidence in themselves as thinkers and creative doers.

I first came to Waldorf School at Moraine Farm as a parent, searching for a school that offers students the opportunity to ask questions and find joy in learning the answers. A Waldorf education does just that, and I would love the opportunity to share it with you and your child.

If you have any admissions questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out — admissions@waldorfmoraine.org or 978.927.8811 x17.



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Can Independent
Thinking be Learned?

We Nurture It

Waldorf educators aim to engage their students, cultivate their innate curiosity, tap into their individual gifts and uncover their full potential. We help our students explore their world, ask challenging questions and find meaningful answers. In the process, they develop a passion for learning and an instinct for independent thinking that lasts a lifetime. 

Watch what happens when your children are encouraged to think for themselves, take risks, try new things—with teachers and parents partnering in the process, and the whole school community providing unwavering support.

Can Curiosity be Taught?

We Grow It

Our Moraine Farm campus offers acres of fields, meadows, woodlands and wetlands to explore. Across the grades, we incorporate the diverse ecosystems of this natural classroom into lessons and activities. We integrate nature study and science investigation into main lesson blocks and core subject areas. Sustainable agriculture, biodiversity, weather and climate, graphing and statistics…all are here for us to discover together and experience in a hands-on way. 

Can Creativity be Taught?

We Unleash It

Creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving— often collectively referred to as 21st Century Skills—are capacities that Waldorf Education has developed in students for nearly a hundred years. In a Waldorf school, each lesson is crafted imaginatively to spark active learning. An interdisciplinary approach keeps the curriculum fresh and challenging. Core academic subjects, taught during in-depth “main lesson” blocks, are interwoven with the creative and practical arts. Beginning in the early grades, students also have lessons in Foreign Language, Handwork, Music, Games & Movement. All our students participate in sports and theater, paint and sing, play in our string ensemble, knit and sculpt, garden and build. They explore who they are and discover what inspires them.

Teach a Lifelong
Love for Learning?

We Certainly Do

Our educational approach is founded on the time-tested insights into learning that are applied by Waldorf schools around the world. In fact, Waldorf Education is the fastest-growing global education movement. Much current research in the education field supports what Waldorf schools have been doing for almost a century. Rich, developmentally appropriate curriculum, taught in an active, hands-on way, is the hallmark of Waldorf Education. The successful results of our approach are seen in our highly imaginative, self-motivated students. Waldorf School at Moraine Farm students graduate with a well-rounded classical education, a genuine enthusiasm for learning, intellectual maturity, confidence in their abilities and a sense of community and responsibility. They are well prepared for the challenges ahead.

Pre K – 5th Grade

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