Waldorf in the News

Waldorf education and Rudolf Steiner’s teaching philosophy is often found in mainstream media. References to Waldorf education and the pedagogical and developmental principles underlying Waldorf education can be found in the following articles, videos and media outlets. Learn how Waldorf teaching principles, practiced for almost 100 years, are being recognized throughout the world.

New York Times

The New York Times sparked national media coverage with its front page story on why Silicon Valley parents are turning to Waldorf education. This film picks up where that story left off.


Discussing “The Waldorf Way: How Children Learn” with Dr. Sanjay Gupta & Dr. Kalbfleisch, cognitive neuroscientist. CNN examines Waldorf education in this 6 minute video.

CNN’s Dan Simon reports on a school in Silicon Valley that uses a no-technology approach and how it’s attractive to high-tech parents.

FOX News

Informative three-minute news item by Fox New in Philadelphia on Waldorf Schools, featuring the “un-plugged” nature of the pedagogy and the surprising popularity of it with parents in high-tech industries (as reported by the NY Times).

Ted Talk

Psychologist Adam Alter studies how much time people spend on screens and whether screen time affects happines. He talks about how Waldorf schools and high-tech executives are mindful about screentime for children.

Famous Waldorf Alumni

This slideshow, created by a Waldorf parent, captures many of the outstanding achievements of Waldorf graduates, as well as the many successful people who have chosen Waldorf education for their own children.