June – August 2023

Summer Camp & Programs at Waldorf School at Moraine Farm

The Joy of Learning & Growing Continues this Summer at Waldorf School at Moraine Farm

Our summer camps and programs, lead by professional adult staff, provide developmentally appropriate experiences to children, ages 4 – 11. Check back soon for Summer 2023 registration!

Sign up for one or multiple sessions. Each week offers different activities and outdoor excursions that are a complete offering in itself, while combined provide a cohesive experience for all.

Contact camps@waldorfmoraine.org with any questions.


Summer 2023

Nursery & Kindergarten
Summer Program

4–6 years of age

Join us for up to 8 weeks of themed programs. Each week has a new and engaging theme ranging from farming to rainbows and seaside adventures! Sessions begin June 26th.

8:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Monday – Friday
$400 per week

Aftercare options are available till 3:00 PM.

Summer Camp

7 – 11 years of age

Gear up to learn about birds, bugs and more! Enjoy several weeks of hands-on and adventurous programming on our beautiful campus. Sessions begin June 26th.

8:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Monday – Friday
$400 per week

Program Details

Summer Programs • Ages 4–6

Our summer program, for children age 4 to 6, aims to provide a developmentally appropriate experience for the young child. Seasonally oriented, these sessions will provide the children with a practical immersion into the work and wisdom offered by the land. Lead by Waldorf-trained adult staff, the Nursery & Kindergarten Summer Program will allow the child to experience the dream-like and imaginative quality of their inner social/emotional development in an artistic and joy-filled way. The thoughtful building of trust and confidence ensures a smooth transition to the summer preschool and creates an ongoing experience that supports each child’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development.

Families can sign up for one or more weeks, with discounts available for multiple weeks.

The cost of this program is $400/week. 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM with aftercare options available till 3:00 pm. 

Sowing the Seeds

June 26 – June 30
July 3, 5 – 7 (4-day week)

The first weeks of summer we play with soil and pretend to be farmers, planting seeds that need warm soil and lots of sun. In this session the children will tend the garden beds and all of the life within them. The bug-life is abundant in a garden bed, and the gentle and respectful way a gardener plants their seeds harmoniously with the bug-life, will be a focus of this session. We will also learn what plants eat and the joy that comes from seeing a seed sprout up bright and green out of the rich brown soil.

Woodland Wonders
Hiking & Exploration

July 10 – 14 & July 17 – 21

We embark on the path to discovery through our senses. In this session, the children will use their senses to discover hidden wonders of the Moraine Farm woods. Through hiking, observation, and STEAM based activities, we will find out what signs animals leave as they work and travel through the farm. Following some of these signs, we will find animal homes and patterns of survival. Along the way, we will discover our own abilities to move, balance, navigate, and regulate our levels of exertion.

Rainbow Joy!
Explore the Colors of the World

July 24 – 28

This week we will explore the colors of the rainbow with stories, crafts, games and a delicious fruit salad.

Seaside Treasures
Shoreline Adventure & Water Activities

 July 31 – August 4

Row, row, row your boat…This week we will build sandcastles, play in water, make our own treasure chest and go on a treasure hunt. Stories and s’mores too!

Harvest the Joy
Gardening & Homesteading

August 7 – 11 & August 14 – 18

Good work and good intentions allows us to experience a harmony with our surroundings and find joy in each other. In this session the children will learn how to tell when a vegetable is ready to harvest, and how to carefully and kindly gather the delicious food that comes from the earth. We will also learn what to do with the food we gather, and how to keep the garden happy in the later weeks of summer. Useful crafts and pieces of art made from the land will also be a focus of this session.

Program Descriptions

Summer Camp • Ages 7-11

Lead by professional adult staff, with over 15 years of experience. Hands-on experiences help strengthen a personal connection to the earth, science, math, art, engineering and hand-made technology. 

Nature’s Superheroes

June 26 – 30

From giant antlers to tiny wings, come and learn about the fascinating features that help animals survive! Campers will spend the week exploring the natural landscape around our school and find the amazing critters who share our land.

Birds Eye View

July 3, 5 – 7*

*A 4-day week due to 4th of July Holiday

This one is for the birds! Experience the wonderful world of our winged friends. From tweets to beaks, campers will enjoy a soaring week of fun!

Bug’s Life

July 10 – 14

Explore, dig, observe and learn to be an entomologist by turning our land into a laboratory! Discover all the jumping, wriggling, flying and swimming insects that are living all around us.

Science Sleuths

July 17 – 21

Break out the magnifying glass and grab your notebook because we’re looking for clues! There’s evidence of life all around us and if you don’t look closely you might miss it. Look for footprints, animals scat, and even owl pellets to solve nature’s mysteries.

Outdoor Engineers

July 24 – 28

Put on your hard hats and get ready to design and create! This week campers will build contraptions and structures to achieve goals using only materials found in nature!

Aquaponics from Scratch! – Week 1

July 31 – August 4


We are building aquaponics with STEAM! (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Design, and Mathematics)

A multi-week series of learning how to build a brand new aquaponics system from scratch that uses hungry guppies in an aquarium to to feed veggies, herbs, microgreens, and flowers the nutrients they need to grow at 2-3 times the speed that plants would grow in a typical garden!

A major component of this camp is PCL (Polycaprolactone), a kid-friendly bioplastic that is both strong and capable of making all kinds of things! Who knows what we’ll create? (Those who involved in the “Bioplastics and Boardgames” camp last summer will hit the ground running, as PCL is the same stuff we were using then!)

Using PCL, children will be learning how to prototype their own designs, create (and repair) watertight containers for the plants, figure out how to engineer a pumping system, care for the fish and plants, and see how all these ideas relate to the world around us! 

(Note to parents: This is a non-repetitive program – each week presents new challenges and exciting ideas. Students will be given challenges that match their age and skills)

Aquaponics from Scratch! – Week 2

August 7 – 11

(see above – each week will present new challenges and ideas!)

Aquaponics from Scratch! – Week 3

August 14 – 18

(see above – each week will present new challenges and ideas!)

Summer Refund & Cancellation 2023 Policy

If you choose to cancel your registration more than 2 weeks prior to camp start date you will receive a full refund (less the $6.07 processing fee). Any cancellation after that is non-refundable. Waldorf School at Moraine Farm reserves the right to cancel any camp due to insufficient enrollment, or mandates from the Beverly Board of Health. This would happen no later than one month prior to camp start date. Should this become necessary, your camp fees will be credited for a future camp, school tuition, or any other program offered by the school. 

During camp, if your child is required to quarantine, we will offer you a space in a later camp/program session. If a later program date does not suit your family, the prorated camp fees will be credited for a future camp, school tuition, or any other program offered by the school.

This camp must comply with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and be licensed by the local board of health.