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Many updates shared by WCA.

  • Learn to use the Earth Oven November 7 (Canceled)
  • Next WCA general meeting Nov. 14
  • Family Freecycle (Monday, Nov. 18th- Friday, Nov 22nd)
  • Understand Waldorf better through the new “Explorations” class
  • We are starting our lending library!
  • Amazon Smile, Community Space, Book Group
  • Gratitudes
  • Current Volunteer opportunities around the school

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Learn how to use the Earth Oven November 7th class is canceled.

If you are interested in using the oven for a school-approved activity, or just want to know how it works, the WCA will be happy to offer a tutorial as needed  Anyone who wants to use the oven will need to go through this tutorial. Contact us at wca@waldorfmoreaine.org

WCA General Meeting Thursday, November 14, 8:15 – 10am.

The next WCA meeting will be held on the morning of Thursday, Nov. 14, from 8:15 to 10 a.m. in the Trayes Room. All are welcome to come to hear updates about school programs, lend ideas, or voice a concern. If there is a topic you would like covered, please email Linda Wrinn at wca@waldorfmoraine.org. Please note that the general meetings will alternate each month between a Tuesday evening meeting and a Thursday morning meeting. The Tuesday evening meetings all have childcare available.

Family Freecycle (Monday, Nov. 18th- Friday, Nov 22nd)

This is a community clothing offering in the Great Hall during any hours that the school is open and the Great Hall is free of another activity. Please bring any clothes between sizes infant to teen as well as maternity. Footwear is also welcome. We appreciate your effort to sort the clothes into the size-labeled bins. Any clothes that don’t find a home by the end of the last day will be donated to Beverly Bootstraps.

Understand Waldorf better through the new “Explorations” class

For parents who have been looking to know more about the philosophy behind Waldorf education, here is an opportunity to learn more about anthroposophy and the insights of Rudolph Steiner. Explorations, formerly known as Foundation Studies, is a new arts-based program for adults wishing to explore the wide terrain of anthroposophical endeavors, including the foundational principles of Waldorf education. It has been designed to be held in Waldorf communities across the continent and will feature a new three-tiered format comprised of,  intensive weekend workshops with an emphasis on the arts, bi-monthly seminars to study anthroposophy, and monthly Zoom webinars called “Windows on Waldorf”. For more information or to register, visit the center for anthroposophy at www.centerforanthroposophy.org and click on the “Explorations” tab. Express your interest by writing to wca@waldorfmoraine.org.

We are starting our lending library!

Coming soon! Books and Waldorf related publications in the community space. Do you have books or Waldorf related publications that you think would find a good home in our lending library? Please feel free to donate or suggest titles and topics. You can arrange to pick up or send recommendations by contacting us at wca@waldorfmoraine.org.


Do you want to thank someone in our community for doing something helpful or making some effort that went above and beyond? Here is your chance to do so publicly within our newsletter-receiving community. Send in a short gratitude and our editorial staff will publish some gratitudes each week. Please send to wca@waldorfmoraine.org 

Thank you for being thankful!

Volunteer opportunities


Current volunteer opportunities around the school

Our children are being raised with a keen sense of philanthropy. We are their primary models. Find yourself in a volunteer opportunity at school to reap the reward of social bonding as well as leading our children by example. Here are some jobs that beckon us…

  • WCA is always looking for information about your town events. If you are aware of family-friendly events in your town, please let us know about them so we can share them with the rest of our school. Look for these events posted on the bulletin board in the community space. Write to us at wca@waldorfmoraine.org 
  • Nov 18 – 22: WCA needs volunteers to help maintain a tidy Family Freecycle. If you can help during the week of Nov 18-22, please contact Alyssa Nemes at alyssa.nemes@yahoo.com or Sarah Rosehill at sarah.t.rosehill@gmail.com 
  • WCA needs bins for the Family Freecycle. See the above contacts to offer bins.
  • Enchanted Fair Committee needs volunteers to sign up for setup, clean up, etc. for our December 14th fair. Contact Heidi Zohn at drheidiwellness@gmail.com if you can help out. 
  • Nov 17 & Dec 8: Outdoor Life Committee (OLC) invites you to two more Sunday yard work days, November 17 and December 8th from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm. Come on over with your work gloves and a rake. Children wishing to be helpful are welcome.

Suggestion Box

In the Community Space, you will find a box on the shelf and paper to use to write a note to the WCA. You can add your name or leave it anonymous. We want to hear your ideas and your suggestions so we can build a community association as vibrant as the group it serves!

Amazon Smile

If and when you shop Amazon.com please remember that our school receives fundraiser money from purchases you make. All you have to do is use smile.amazon.com by linking it to your existing Amazon account. Ask in the main office if you are not sure how to do this. Thanks!

Community Space

Our school has a space that is dedicated to all of us! It is meant to foster our sense of community by being inviting and welcoming. The community space is on the first floor across from the Snowdrop nursery. You are invited to meet there, have a snack, relax, work or peruse the bulletin boards. Enjoy the school store items that are on display (and for sale when you ask the office staff for help).

Book Group

We had a vibrant discussion last Saturday night about our last book, White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo. Our next meeting will take place on Saturday, November 23rd at the Reyes-Wangh household in Beverly. Our next title is Educated: A Memoir by Tara Westover. We are embracing topics and titles that inspire us to observe, think and perhaps enact change within ourselves. Pick up the book and join us anytime.

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