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Many updates shared by WCA.

  • Next WCA General Meeting
  • Crafting Session for Enchanted Fair
  • Book Group
  • Current Volunteer opportunities around the school
  • Upcoming Events

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Waldorf Community Association update week of December 9

WCA seeks to empower the voice of the parents to be a leading pillar of the school. We do his through meaningful projects and events at school. We support free and accessible events and listen to needs like childcare and improving channels of communication and information.

This year, among other activities, we have embarked on projects like the restoration of our earth oven, the family freecycle, a lending library which will be set up sometime after the fair, encouraging uniformity in description of all committees and thorough descriptions of our festivals, supporting a new book group, working with the center for anthroposophy to bring the explorations course to our community, establishing monthly faculty lunches and calling for re-invigoration of our morning cafe and early childhood playgroups.

Coming up, we have our general WCA meeting on Dec 10th with a new and exciting format. On December 11th we offer a crafting session to help everyone create special treasures for the pocket lady/gnome and the Wee Folke Shop.

In the new year we hope you will look forward to our first speaker series, Eurythmy for Parents in January followed by a fun, parent-led class on environmentally friendly home care solutions in February and who can miss the Pi Day Pie Auction in March! Please keep sending your vital feedback. Through your participation, we become who we are!!

WCA General Meeting (Tuesday, Dec 10th, 6:30-8:00 pm) Trayes Room

Our next meeting incorporates feedback from participants. We will have childcare available and appreciate your RSVP so we can plan accordingly.

Crafting Session for Enchanted Fair

Parents are invited to meet on Wednesday morning, December 11th 8:30 am – 10:00 am to make crafts for the pocket lady/ gnome in the community space.

Book Group

Book Group meets again on a Saturday in January. Watch this space for the date and the book title. We are currently contemplating a long list of good books and if you want to join the conversation please email Branigan Reed at breed@waldorfmoraine.org for access to the list and our email communication.

Current Volunteer Opportunities Around School

  • WCA is looking for parents to help organize an early childhood playgroup once or twice per month at school. If you are interested please contact us at wca@waldorfmoraine.org
  • WCA is looking for parents to help lead a morning cafe to foster our desire for more social time. If you are interested please contact us at wca@waldorfmoraine.org

Upcoming events!

  • Eurythmy for Parents, January evening class (exact date being revised) 
  • January 31- Next Faculty Lunch
  • February 6th- Eco-Cleaning, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

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