Spring Soiree Family Potluck FAQs


FAQs about the Spring Soirée Family Potluck on May 19, 5 to 8 pm

Q: Is this an adults only evening like last year?
A: Nope. This year, we changed it up and moved the event to earlier in the day in an effort to include the entire family. Please bring your children with you! The more the merrier, and the more the better self entertainment, which means parents get to enjoy themselves too!
Q: How many people am I cooking for? Just my family? The entire school?
A: The goal for the evening is to share some of our favorite dishes with one another, so please cook for plenty of people, without making it too burdensome a task. Think of your portions in terms of how many people would get a taste, and not as much about how many they would feed. If you are thinking in serving sizes, a good recommendation is at least 10 servings.
Q: What should I cook? Is there a sign up sheet?
A: We have some community members who have already committed to providing dessert for the evening! And some other wonderful folks will man grills and make hotdogs, chicken dogs, vegan dogs and such during the soirée, with all the accoutrements. With that in mind, we would need little to no dessert, but many more salads, sides and other mains. There is a sign up sheet on Signup Genius that we will circulate directly to your email addresses.  Please go there and sign up so that we all can anticipate your wonderful contributions!
Q: Will I be able to keep my food warm? Cold?
A: To make logistics around serving simple, we thought to forgo sternos, and ice buckets under dishes, so the short answer is: ideally no. Having said that if there is a dish that you must make, that we’d be foolish to pass on, that needs to be served hot or cold, let us know and we’ll figure it out.
Q: Are drinks provided at the Soirée?
A: Yes. We will provide plenty of non-alcoholic beverages for all invited. Since this is an event for the entire family, we have decided to opt for mocktails and non-alcoholic beverages. If you have a special mocktail recipe, send it along! We are all ears!

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May 7, 2018