Waldorf-Moraine-communityWaldorf schools have a holistic view of education — that is, we recognize that people are not just their “heads”; they have “hearts” and “hands” as well. We work to bring these aspects of each child into harmony and balance. For example, artistic activity is part of all our subjects and lessons. This approach is not because we are an art school, but because young children connect with subjects through their feelings more than their intellect. Practical work — from cooking and gardening in the Kindergarten, to house building in third grade, to service projects in the middle school — all help students experience how they make a difference in the world. Our science lessons and activities, especially those directly in nature, are also holistic. Our curriculum engages the senses, honing powers of observation and sparking the imagination.

Children flourish when their whole selves are acknowledged and nurtured. Then, in adolescence they can draw on inner strength and security to navigate new terrain in their education and in their lives. Each year, this result is evidenced by the poise, confidence, enthusiasm and courage of our graduating class.


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