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The new solar panel is now up and running in the Quad, designed to run the rope lights attached to the canopy structure using 100% solar energy. These cheerful lights will brighten the space underneath, turning on automatically each afternoon and evening at no cost in fossil fuel consumption.

Peter Morse, a parent in the class of 2005, designed and created the solar set-up working with the Outdoor Life Committee. A huge thanks is due to Mr. Morse for his engineering and creativity on this project. We will be adjusting the controls as needed and learning a lot about solar power thanks to his generous contribution of time, expertise, and design skills.

Data is streamed in real-time to an app that Mr. Hogan has on his phone, measuring the amount of power captured by the panel and the amount being drawn from the battery. Ask him when he is outside to show you, and direct any questions about the panel to him. It is fascinating to see in real-time just how clouds, sun angle, and time of day affect the flow of current. Even without any sun the battery is expected to run the lights for 2-3 days. It’s a wonderful experiment in 21st-century technology.

Parents and children are invited to stop by and inspect the set-up. Please do not allow children to climb on the new structure or box or pull on any of the wires. But do let us know what you think (tell Mr. Hogan).

Thank you Anita Brewer-Siljeholm, alumni parent, for your work, support and inspiration for this project.

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