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Parent and Child classes offers parents, grandparents, and caregivers the opportunity to learn about child development, to connect and interact with your young child, and so much more. Hear from a grandmother who is now entering her third session of Morning Glory.

There are a few more spots open in our spring classes. Learn more and register here.

Dear Kate,

This seems like the perfect opportunity to express how incredibly wonderful your parent child class has been in my life sharing time with my grand daughter, Finley.

I love the joy and tenderness that you model for us every Tuesday Morning Glory.  The atmosphere in the space with all natural materials warms my soul every time I step into the little house with fresh apples, the smell of cinnamon from the huckabuck bread and all the wooden toys and hand made dollies. Not to mention the circle time movement and songs, all the rituals of the fairy light and thanking each day for being.

I have been in the education world for many years professionally and as a grandmother and if I could choose again for my own children who, in fact, attended a different and wonderful public school that promoted arts integration, I would have searched to find a Waldorf School without hesitation.

Our world is on a runaway sled pushing us deep into technological isolation and sedentary learning removing the heart and hands from education.  Waldorf centers its philosophy on active, physical learning, as well as, incorporating nature and outdoor active play which has been erased from so many children’s’ educational experience. Bravo to you who has devoted yourself to such a beautiful and enriched early childhood program.

Thank you. Gramma Jo (Finley’s grandmother)

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