Parent & Child Classes

Parent & Child classes offer parents, grandparents, and caregivers the opportunity to learn about child development, Waldorf education and parenting the young child all within a home-like environment at our beautiful location on Moraine Farm. With indoor and outdoor play spaces where parents and children can explore and experience a soothing rhythm that supports play, imagination and imitation, our educators offer support and guidance for each family and child. It is a time for interacting with your young child for a morning of bread-making, free play and movement, circle games, songs and nature activities while exploring topics such as:

Meals with Children
Discipline in Early Childhood
Media/Technology and Family Life
Rhythms in the Home
Children in Nature

We are extending the Parent & Child Program through the summer. Stay tuned for registration information.

You are holding a beautiful, calm and safe space for new moms (and grandmoms) with just the right balance of freedom and structure and it all felt so nice. The bread and tea were delicious and so comforting! - Thank you

Grandparent in Parent and Child Winter 2018 Classes
  1. Please note that while we use age as a guide, placement in class┬áis also based on the child’s developmental stage and the constellation of the class.