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Celebrate May Day by leaving flowers on a friend’s porch.

Throughout history, humankind has celebrated the transition from season to season. The festival of May Day takes place on May 1 at the halfway point between the beginning of spring and the start of summer and originated in ancient times as a celebration of nature’s renewal. May Day shares origins with the Gaelic and pagan fire festival of Beltane, honoring Flora, the goddess of spring and flowers, as she returned to the earth to bring the fields back to life with her touch. 

Traditionally, on May 1, people would carry from the woods, freshly budded green boughs and flowers that were in bloom. A tree was felled and resurrected as the May Pole around which young people would twine ribbons in the hope of becoming entwined with a new love. Houses were decorated with freshly cut foliage to attract the blessings of earth spirits that were said to walk the land on the first of May. Royal representatives were chosen to represent springtime gods and goddesses. 

You might consider celebrating this festival by decorating your home with flowers, blessing your garden, or enjoying a meal made from fresh produce, or leaving a bouquet of fresh flowers on a friend’s front porch. 

And from your WCA, please accept this heartfelt wish that light-filled days of hope and warmth are ahead for all of us!


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Book Group

Our next Zoom gathering will take place Saturday, May 16 at 7:30 pm

We are reading Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall-Kimmerer. It is a refreshing take on the mothering we receive from our human mothers to Mother Nature, written by a woman who has a deep curiosity about her Native American heritage. Let us know you want to join the discussion by writing to Deann Reyes-Wangh at dreyeswangh@waldorfmoraine.org 

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