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St. John’s Tide

The following is an excerpt from “St. John’s Tide” written by Karen Rivers in the Celebrations and Festival section of  Waldorf Education: A Family Guide.

Just after the Summer Solstice is the Festival of St. John, celebrated on June 24. From now until the Winter Solstice in December, the sunlight will be diminishing….

High summer has been celebrated with fire since ancient times. Huge bonfires were lit on the Summer Solstice to help the sun continue to increase rather than to diminish in the light it brings. An old custom required that people should jump over the fire to burn away their woes and weaknesses. This is a common ritual used to celebrate this festival in the Waldorf calendar year. 

On this day, when the sun is at its height, we may turn our eye inward with the conviction that in times of abundance, the need for inner strength is just as great as in times of little light or in complete darkness.



Our Gardens 

A big thank you to a few very dedicated members of our community. Our Outdoor Life Committee has maintained the gardens around our school all year. When we had to leave our campus they didn’t. They continued to help maintain the flower beds. Thank you to our gardeners, Jocelyn Schaeffer, Laura Freysinger, and Anita Brewer. 



Teacher Appreciation 

We hope you had a chance to pick up packets of wish flags and safety pins at school over the weekend. Many thanks to Gretchen MacKilligan for cutting the fabric for us. 

Please use these flags to write a sentiment of gratitude for your child’s teacher/s. Fill out an extra flag for the eighth grade as we usher them onward to high school. When you have completed your flags you may return them to school and hang them up on the first and second-grade playground. These flags act as our cards to our teachers for a year of loving and challenging work. If we all fill them out they will also act as our reminder of the strength of community acting together. Come visit the flags over the summer to enjoy this gift. 



Family Freecycle

Re-use! It’s one of the golden rules in caring for our planet. We have some interest in organizing a family Freecycle to share the outgrown clothes that are still in very good condition for use by others. Stay tuned to our Community Bulletin Board page for information about how we might assemble such an exchange over the coming summer months. If anyone else is interested in helping to make this happen please let us know. WCA@waldorfmoraine.org 



Welcome summer. We wish you peace and joy and fair winds in fair lands. Stay in touch! We look forward to hearing from you year-round with your great ideas.


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