We will be unveiling an exciting daily raffle in January. 31 days to win prizes! Do you own a local business you would like to promote? Consider donating a gift certificate to your business as one of our giveaways! Or do you work somewhere that would give you a gift card for donation?

We are also looking for volunteers willing to ask local businesses for contributions as well as donations of cash cards for our upcoming raffle.

Examples of gifts needed:
$50 gift cards to Whole Foods and/or Trader Joes
$50 gift card to a popular local restaurant like Flatbread Pizza, Cali Basil or Life Alive
Multiple $25 gift cards to Dunkin Donuts and/or Starbucks
Multiple Amazon gift cards of various amounts
$100-$500 cash gift cards
$50 gift card to a Sports store like Dick’s
Gift card for local salon or spa service

Please contact Heidi Zohn (drheidiwellness@gmail.com) or the front office for details