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With their campaign “12 Months – 12 Fairy Tales”, the Friends of Waldorf Education invite you to travel around the world with twelve stories, taking readers on a colorful journey of stories, fables, and legends from all over the globe.

Following their WOW-Day cookbook, the Friends of Waldorf Education will this year publish a fairy tale from a Waldorf institution worldwide every month on their website and in their newsletter. The journey begins in Brazil and leads via Colombia, Argentina, Kenya, Namibia, South Africa to Georgia, Russia, Moldova and ends in Ukraine. The stories tell, among other things, of a toad that is determined to join the birds in attending a party in the skies. But without wings, this is not easy! Will the toad succeed? A South African fairy tale tells of the day when starlight, moonlight, and sunlight were brought back to the sky to save the earth. The story “Martishor” from Moldova recounts the origin of the spring festival and the custom of knitting red and white tassels.

The fairy tales are illustrated with drawings, blackboard drawings or photographs and are accompanied by a brief description of the institution from which they come. They all need continuous support to allow children from poorer backgrounds an upbringing based on Waldorf education. Whether you want to read the fairy tales directly on our website or download them as a handy PDF, they are available online at waldorf-one-world.org/maerchen. The Friends’ campaign runs from January to December 2020 and is aimed primarily at teachers with a warm invitation to use it for classes in grade school or kindergarten. But also parents and friends can easily print it out at home and thus build a bridge to the world.

The idea of a fairy tale collection was born during the Waldorf-One-World-Day, WOW-Day for short. The worldwide student campaign takes place annually and is coordinated by the Friends of Waldorf Education. On this day, children and young people directly and actively work towards making the world a better place. For this purpose, they organize a large number of extraordinary fundraising events that connect people on all continents. All Waldorf Schools, curative education and social therapy institutions and Waldorf Kindergartens worldwide are invited to take part in this campaign. The proceeds of the campaigns provide children with school time, a sheltering community or a warm meal.

To find the fairy tale collection please go to: https://www.freunde-waldorf.de/en/wow-day/fairy-tales/

Friends of Waldorf Education e. V. (registered association)

The Friends of Waldorf Education are committed to the worldwide development and strengthening of Waldorf education. More than 600 Waldorf schools, nursery schools, curative education centers and social projects have already been financially supported by the International Aid Fund and accompanied in legal matters. The work areas also include coordinating the international student campaign WOW-Day, the placement of educational sponsorships as well as emergency educational assignments and volunteer services. We forward 100 percent of the donations to the institutions. Supporting members and targeted donations finance the association’s work.

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