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Family Update 

The Spodick Family: A New Rhythm

Our minds search to find a new rhythm as our lives have ground to a halt and we find ourselves in lockdown with our families, faced both with one another and the question of what to do.  Being blessed with time at home together, we have found ourselves doing more cooking, creating, cleaning, and connecting.

Etta has always enjoyed baking, so with her newfound time she has been keeping us fat with what she calls ‘The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Ever’ recipe. It has been wonderful to have a sweet treat to add a little sunshine to our day. Happy to share the recipe.

In the creative realm, Etta has been refurbishing old discarded skateboards. With the help of her father, she has learned to disassemble the boards and replace/restore the hardware. Then, she designs her own graphics and paints them on herself. She has been up to this for a while and has done several as gifts for friends and one which she is currently working on as a commission!

Spring and cleaning always seem to go hand in hand. We have been taking this time to clear out closets, drawers, and that box that has been sitting in the corner all year. It makes our space feel good, fresh, and lighter. Surprisingly, Etta has cleaned her room a record amount of times since the lockdown. Her parents have never been so impressed! Of course, it looks like a cyclone hit it by the next day, but it’s the effort that counts.

One of our newfound favorite things to do is connecting on Zoom with our family and friends. Who knew video chat could be so much fun? Though as the days in lockdown turn into months we are reminded that nothing really replaces human contact and seeing our loved ones in person. But, since that isn’t allowed at this time Zoom will have to do, and we are thankful for it.

In addition to connecting with others, we have been connecting with nature. Most days in which weather allows we find ourselves on another trail along the Ipswich River. This is one of our favorite places to hike. The abundant wildlife and lush forestry is both relaxing and grounding for our family. Even on days in which our situation seems impossible, being in nature helps to melt our stress away as we wander the paths deeper and deeper into the forest. I highly recommend time in the woods to cure just about anything that ails you.

We really miss our Waldorf family! Until we can be together again, remember the words a very wise man once said:

Happiness can be found in the darkest of times,
if one only remembers to turn on the light.




Teacher Appreciation 

We hope you had a chance to pick up packets of wish flags and safety pins at school over the weekend. Many thanks to Gretchen MacKilligan for cutting the fabric for us. 

Please use these flags to write a sentiment of gratitude for your child’s teacher/s. Fill out an extra flag for the eighth grade as we usher them onward to high school. When you have completed your flags you may return them to school and hang them up on the first and second-grade playground. These flags act as our cards to our teachers for a year of loving and challenging work. If we all fill them out they will also act as our reminder of the strength of community acting together. Come visit the flags over the summer to enjoy this gift. 



Supporting Each Other

There is still time left in this school year to contribute a gesture of giving towards a fellow Waldorf family. Many have lost income. If you and your family are in the fortunate position of financial stability please consider donating a grocery gift card. These are being distributed with discretion and dignity to families who have given so much for our school over the years. If you are aware of anyone in the community who would benefit from this gift we are committed to standing beside them and reminding them that they are worth every kindness. Let us know. 

Contact WCA@waldorfmoraine.org and we will be happy to assist this heartfelt gesture.



Family Freecycle

Along the lines of families boosting families (and Mother Nature at the same time) we have enjoyed a couple of instances of organized clothing giving in the past. All of our students are outgrowing clothing. We could all benefit from sharing items in good condition for re-use. Let’s take care with this gorgeous planet and each other at the same time! 

Would anyone like to help organize a Family Freecycle for the upcoming summer season? Let us know! WCA@waldorfmoraine.org 



Send us your updates and your photos!

There is still time to tell us about your family’s newfound patterns of life. Send a couple of paragraphs to us and tell us what you have been doing to pass the time. What has surprised you and what has challenged you. And include photos. We miss you and would love to hear what you’ve been up to. 

Send entries to wca@waldorfmoraine.org and we will share them here. 



Book Group

Our next book is called Cutting Stone by Abraham Verghese. Next Zoom gathering TBA. Let us know you want to join the discussion by writing to Deann Reyes-Wangh at dreyeswangh@waldorfmoraine.org 


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