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Our recent paradigm shift in daily life has brought, for many, a newly recovered appreciation for what is essential. It has brought a refreshing reprieve from the overestimated value of the ticking clock. Suddenly, accounting for every minute of the day is not the tool we use to measure our productivity. Many joke that they don’t know what day it is anymore.

As we observe that change in our daily life it is worth reminding you that a group of us parents and faculty are reading Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall-Kimmerer. In it, the author draws from her heritage in Native American stories and culture to point out our modern-day need to turn down the volume of our consumerism and heal our relationship with nature. To rediscover what is essential we must get closer to the rhythms of the burgeoning life around us. From trees to insects to rocks, nature’s language is clear.

Our shared choice to educate our children at a Waldorf school is a celebration of that relationship. It reminded us of the Lakota tribe in South Dakota that combined its love for the stories and language of nature with its desire for an education based on those valuable tenets and The Lakota Waldorf School was born! Here is a link to an article about this school from Renewal Magazine. A keen eye might even catch the next article in that issue of Renewal Magazine!

Let us be mindful of this moment in our lives and our children’s lives to listen to the blossoming exhale around us and feel how that exhale is in us too.

We are halfway between Earth Day and May Fair. Each occasion is a pause to thank the earth for nurturing us. So happy Earth Day and welcome May!

Here is one idea, borrowed from PandoLogic.com, to celebrate the season as the weather gets warmer and the daylight lasts longer…

Go Dark for the Day — If it’s possible, try going a full day without any light. It may not seem like it but the lights we use daily can directly impact the environment. The less energy we consume, the less power we need from power plants providing that energy. With the reduced power usage, the number of toxic fumes emitted from these power plants is also reduced. If a full day seems impossible then just try for an hour! Every little bit counts towards the greater good. And you can always have everyone at home participate in a calming yoga session during the hour.


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