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Waldorf Schools around the world are coming together to share knowledge, and through acts of responsibility and kindness, contribute to the world around us.

As you may have heard at our All-Community Meeting on December 5, parents, teachers, and students are working together to contribute to the Waldorf 100 project, which celebrates the “Centennial as an occasion to further develop Waldorf education for contemporary times, and focus more consciously on its global dimensions.”

There will be more to learn about these projects, as we enter into the new year!

In case you were unable to attend the meeting, or would like to know more, here is the summary of our school’s participation:

Just beginning…

SPOTLIGHT: A student’s perspective

Pupils from all over the world share their opinions about why is Waldorf called “Learn to Change the World” and how Waldorf education leads us to a more sustainable future. The answers will be written in a text, as well as expressed in a painting.
A note of gratitude to Amanda Wiederhold for leading, and the STUDENTS who are sharing their views with us through this exercise!

The Foundations of Human Experiences, also known as The Study of Man

A study group for the first lectures presented by Rudolf Steiner to the very first Waldorf teachers 100 years ago.
The project is to renew awareness of the pedagogical foundation.

A note of gratitude to the Anthroposophical Society of Cape Ann Facilitators: John and Carrie Schuchardt!

Bees & Trees; core project

We are planting 100 bulbs, in honor of the centennial, on our grounds to further invite bees to Moraine Farm. Even in kindergarten, it‘s possible to observe bees working among the blossoms.

This incentive is to keep bees at all Steiner/Waldorf facilities, and have pupils of all ages participate intensively in the health of bees.

A note of Gratitude to the Outdoor life committee for leading this activity!

Postcard Exchange; core project

Check out our “Card Wall from the World”, detailed description of the project is coming to the wall soon.
Every school received a box of 1,100 pre-addressed cards to be decorated and sent to our friends at all the other schools in the world.

A note of gratitude to all the parents who sorted and hung the cards, the teachers who have lead the students through designing and distributing our cards and creating flags for each country represented, and our students for their heartfelt participation!


We are adding a timeline to our school’s corridor which will display events of the last 100 years, AND our own school’s rich history as the Cape Ann Waldorf School, and today, The Waldorf School at Moraine Farm.

A note of gratitude to our village elders, who will help us to paint a beautiful picture of the community’s transformation over the last 33 years.

100 Acts of Service

Our very own school here, at Moraine Farm, is leading an individual initiative to perform 100 Acts of Service in and around our community to honor the Waldorf Centennial and deepen our connection with our local region. Please look for more information in January, for how each of us can take part.

A note of gratitude to our FMG for pioneering this initiative!

International teacher exchange

Our teachers are invited to experience other schools first hand, around the world. We can begin supporting them by organizing visits and pooling together our resources, such as airline miles, car rental days, and offer a loving accommodations in friends and families homes near the schools where they will be exchanging.
“New ideas can emerge and we may get inspiration for how diversely Waldorf education could develop in the course of the next 100 years!

Please write to Alyssa.nemes@yahoo.com with your ideas and offerings to support.

Please visit Waldorf-100 to learn about the many, amazing initiatives.

A note of gratitude to everyone in our community who has shown support for our school’s participation in the Waldorf 100 projects. Every contribution, great or small, brings us closer together and helps Waldorf Schools in learning to change the world.


The Waldorf 100 project is an initiative from the International Forum for Steiner/Waldorf Education out of the Pedagogical Section of the Geotheanum, in Dornach, Switzerland.

More About this forum:

An amazing team of 6 individuals (and many helping hands) are leading 1,100 Waldorf schools and an additional 2,000 Waldorf kindergartens over 3 years, in the participation of meaningful initiatives to “promote mutual awareness and interconnection for our global community”.

Map of Waldorf in the World

These projects are all based in the principles of Waldorf Education, and “share a common ethos, which focuses on the developing human being”.

History of Waldorf Education

~ Quoted from Waldorf-100

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