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Originally shared in Summer Newsletter

Our board is growing!  We are happy to welcome the following new members joining our board:

Branigan Reed—Faculty (Third Grade)
Heidi Pulkkinen—Alumni Parent
Liam O’Laughlin—Alumni (our first!)

We also honor two board members who have retired from the board this year, Cathy Kennedy and Laura Freysinger, who have deeply served as board members and contributed to our school. 

We are also readying ourselves for the start of the new school year focused on four important priorities:

1  Attract and Retain the Best Talent
How will we proactively anticipate and hire the talent we need?  How will we ensure that our staff and faculty are inspired, continuously learning and thriving?

2  Define Waldorf Education
How do we describe the value of the Waldorf education we provide? What makes us different from other private independent schools? How do we get our entire community rallied around a compelling framework and vision? What does/should Waldorf education look like in the 21st century?

3  Build and Implement a Robust Development Strategy
How do we better cultivate an integrated approach to engaging donors/foundations in order to supplement our earned income? How do we better engage our Waldorf community? How do we rethink the value of all the different types of fundraising we do? How will the board take on a more active direct fundraising role?

4  Cultivate an Engaged Board of Directors
How do we ensure that our board members are equally receiving benefit from serving on the WSMF board? How will we develop an engagement approach so the board is collaborating with staff, faculty, external stakeholders, etc. How do we best engage our Advisory Council and develop an advisory group of alumni?

Please reach out to Teri Riddle for any questions about our board and the work we are embarking upon this coming year.

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