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Two new eye-catching patio tables with bench seats and umbrellas have been given to the school by the Freysinger, Dowley, and Brewer-Siljeholm families. Their gift is intended to complete the bluestone patio which was built in 2017 with community donations from the Enhancement Fund. Constructed by Forever Redwood, a California-based company, the tables are made from pieces of redwood and douglas fir in a style called Mosaic Eco-Wood. This pattern takes leftover pieces of old growth timber that are traditionally scrapped due to their small size and reclaims the wood as fine furniture.

According to its website, Forever Redwood harvests conservative amounts of high quality timber, often in previously logged old growth forests, to make furniture products that in turn fund forest management practices which bolster the volume of mature and old growth timber. Sometimes lower quality or suppressed trees are thinned to maximize the growth of mature softwoods, a practice that also tends to reduce fire hazard. Other restoration forestry practices include soil building, replanting, careful harvesting techniques, and selective tree pruning. More information is available at Forever Redwood.

The tables are extremely heavy and should not be moved without Mr. Hogan’s assistance. Durable and weatherproof, they need only a wet cloth (no soap) for cleaning and a fresh coat of finish once a year. The umbrellas will be furled each evening to protect them from wind storms. Tempting to climb on, a policy of ‘no feet on the tables’ has been adopted and parents are asked to make sure their children follow this rule.