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Nature-based Education

Nature-based education has been a core component of Waldorf since its inception 100 years ago. Our students – from nursery through eighth grade – spend hours outside learning the natural rhythms of life, exploring their connection with all living things, and understanding their place in the natural world.

Our campus is an unbelievable resource – in all seasons – for our students. The land we sit upon was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, world-renowned conservationist and designer of New York City’s Central Park and Boston’s Emerald necklace, among others. In 1888, Olmsted designed the property to combine scientific farming with experimental forestry on a country estate.

Today, we partner on the property with Project Adventure, Moraine Farm, The Trustees of Reservations, Essex County Greenbelt Association, New Entry Sustainable Farming, and others to care for and protect the integrity of the original Olmsted landscape.

The next time your child comes home with stories of rolling down Goblin Hill or tapping trees in the Maple Grove know they are not only exploring nature but local history, as well.

Heather & Teri

Ps- We have an upcoming nature walk for current and prospective early childhood students on Wednesday, October 9 from 1:30-2:30! We’d love for you to come and walk the campus with us! For more information, or to register, email Coleen at cryan@waldorfmoraine.org.

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