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Originally shared in Summer Newsletter

This year we are embarking on a journey to engage our community in a deep dialogue about what it means to be a Waldorf school in the 21st century, followed by a strategic planning renewal process. We will listen to each other with openness and respect as we share perspectives and collectively explore the meaning of this education for the children of today.

What does it mean to be a Waldorf school? What does that look like on our best day, and the day after that? How does the 21st century shift our questions and our understanding of it? What is the essence of what we do for the children? Are these questions full of fear or hope? Do we see an opportunity?

Here at Waldorf School at Moraine Farm, I see our children receiving the following:

  • Our students are empowered to choose and, in freedom, realize their individual path in life.
  • The imagery used in teaching is fluid and inspires imagination. The joy and adventure of learning are awakened.
  • Individuals are nurtured and meaning and reverence are given to their lives.
  • Creativity and free-thinking are encouraged and fostered.
  • Spiritual guidance is aimed solely at awakening the child’s natural reverence for the wonder and beauty of life.

Steiner spoke: It is necessary that the founding educational principles have their roots in the requirements of modern life.  Children must be educated in such a way that their lives fulfill demands everyone can support. What is demanded of people by the actualities of modern life must find its reflection in the organization of the school.

Can we answer this call from Steiner? Can we realize, together, the connection we all have to one another and the education and experience we all want for our children? Can we come to the table, 100%, to help our school thrive and be its best self, in the 21st century? Right now we have an opportunity. We have an opportunity to rise to current demands while also maintaining all that is relevant and necessary in a Waldorf school. I think we can and I look forward to leading us there with your support.

Caroline Horner
Interim Executive Director

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