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In January, during their Creative Writing block, the 8th graders studied short stories and sonnets. “They despaired gleefully at the challenge of writing a sonnet…” wrote Mrs. Motter. “So much of the students’ inner self was revealed in what they wrote during this block; what they think, feel, or wonder about.” One student, Sienna Cullem, wrote a particularly beautiful poem, “A Winter Sonnet” (below). In March, Ms. Weiderhold told the class that Beverly Public Library was holding a Middle School Division Poetry Contest and Sienna decided to enter her sonnet. Last week she received this news:

“Congratulations! Your poem, “A Winter Sonnet”, has been chosen as a finalist in the middle school division of the Beverly Public Library’s Poetry Contest! Thank you for submitting your poetry to the Contest. Our judges, three respected local poets, truly enjoyed reading your work, and have selected this poem as a finalist out of over 500 entries.”

Beverly Public Library went on to say that they will be collecting recordings of each finalist reading their own poem aloud and then choosing the winner by May 15. We are looking forward to sharing her reading with you when the link is available online.

A Winter Sonnet
by Sienna Cullem

It hurts to look up at the sun-bright sky,
As the cold winds turn your face to ice.
To the ardent colors of autumn ~ goodbye
Snug in my house, I share my space with mice.
As hats, snowshoes, sleds and shovels come out,
All the warm weather animals must hide,
While lucky pets may lazily lay about,
Like many of us who at our homes may bide.
Yet I adore this incredible time,
Little white flowers fall from the heavens,
Each one with its own intricate design,
Even the sun might reveal its pleasance.
As the air grows cold our hearts will grow warm,
Laughs shared with family, a new closeness forms.

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