Almost overnight, there has been a significant shift towards the use of screen technology as a primary means of communication. While this technology is not new, social distancing has brought us into a new level of dependency on it. As a consequence, many people are experiencing increased stress and a lack of vitality, phenomena described recently in articles in the National Geographic and the New York Times

We already know about some of the negative effects of extensive screen time: exposure to EMFs and screen light; the lack of physical movement; and an overstimulation of the eyes. All of these are particularly harmful when not balanced with in-person human interactions, time in nature, full-body movement, and play. 

Here are some thoughts about how to counteract these effects and stay healthy both in this challenging time and beyond.

Be grateful every day for the opportunity to connect online. Appreciate everything and everyone who has helped make our computers, the internet, and video conferencing possible and be grateful for the technologies themselves. They are truly amazing tools. When we are grateful for something, our relationship to it changes for the better.

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