On September 6th we welcomed the new school year together as a community in our Great Hall. Despite the rainy weather, spirits were high as students eagerly took their seats for our opening assembly, faculty and staff stepped forward to introduce themselves, and beautiful singing filled the air. Toward the end of the assembly, a reverent silence fell over the crowd as we welcomed the newest students to the grades– Ms. Martone’s 1st Graders.

As the first graders filed into the Great Hall to find their seats, they were greeted by one (or two!) of our school’s oldest students, the Middle School, and presented with a yellow rose. Yellow roses, a symbol of friendship, served not only as an introduction to their middle school “buddy”, but also a sign of welcome and wisdom to be shared as our youngest students begin their educational journeys. Throughout the year the Middle School and First Grade will work together building friendships, and at the end of the year, our first graders will send the graduating middle school students onto the next stage of their educational journeys with their own yellow roses to remind them of the support they will always share as members of our community.

We look forward to seeing these relationships bloom an grow over the course of the very exciting year ahead!