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From the moment we first arrived at the Moraine Farm campus seven years ago with our then-three-year-old daughter, we knew we had found something completely different than anything we had seen before. Waldorf had been recommended to us by a friend who knew our style of parenting and who also knew we were struggling to find a place that would complement it.

Walking into the nursery classroom on that very first day, we felt the warmth, the peace, and the quiet comfort of that space and immediately connected with it. We quickly realized that—from the wooden toys, the soft pastel colors, the natural materials, and delicious wafts of wholesome soup and bread, this was a place where everything was thoughtfully considered. After only one visit, we knew we had found a place where we could trust that our daughter’s childhood would be honored, where her innate intelligence as a human being would be respected, and where her spirit would be nourished.

We are happy to say, we were right on all accounts.

Seven years later, we now have a thriving fourth grader and first grader, who consider this school to be a second home. At an uncertain time and in an uncertain world where our sense of community is being eroded through tendencies toward social and cultural isolation, our school community presents our family with an oasis.
Every day, our children walk through the front doors of the Waldorf School at Moraine Farm and come into a place where they are not only deeply known as individuals, but loved—truly loved—by a caring group of teachers and adults who have come to have a consistent and meaningful presence in their lives. In addition to the beautiful and challenging education they are engaged in, the nurturing they are experiencing of their social and emotional health, the reverence they are developing for the natural world and for all beings, there is one gift that stands out above all others and it is encompassed in this simple statement: the teachers, staff, and so many of our fellow parents in this vibrant community at the Waldorf School at Moraine Farm know and love our children—and we, theirs. Thanks to this school, our “village” is strong.

That is why we give.
Megan & Jack Hogan

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