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Our son, Gavin, graduated from the Waldorf School at Moraine Farm in 2016. He is proficient in two foreign languages, plays violin in the school orchestra, plays two varsity sports, and maintains a grade point that lands him on “high honors” each semester. We credit his success to the process of learning that was his foundation here at the Waldorf School. It is not “what” he learned, but rather, how he learned it. It is not “academic rigor” that got him where he is, but rather the experiential environment and collaboration with his teachers and peers that won the day. Since then, natural curiosity and a steadfast work ethic have continued his success.

We continue to give and be contributors to the school in the wider hope that we can bring about meaningful change to our world. It can happen through the thoughtful, meaningful, and purposeful education of our youth. It is their creative and imaginative minds who will address the challenges of the next century. We are the springboard that vaults them to those endeavors.
Whatever goes on in our lives, it is inherent in our nature to be contributing to the communities we inhabit. Being contributors changes the way we think of ourselves and how we view our world. We live lives of gratitude and live as though we always have abundance from which to give: abundance of time, energy, talent. It is a value we hope to pass on to our son.
It has been a privilege to be a part of this school and the community. It has added much to all our lives and is, the single greatest gift we have given to Gavin. He continues to be the closest of friends with former classmates and now says, “Thanks for making me go to Waldorf!”. We look forward to many more years of involvement in whatever form it takes and encourage all community members to join us in our passion for this unique and rich experience for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Chris Dowley & Laura Freysinger

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