Why Choose Waldorf?


Imagine a school that shares your values for nurturing your children. A school that allows them the time and space they need to learn in an unhurried, unstandardized environment. A school that challenges them to imagine new ideas, solve problems in new ways and see the world in a new light. A school that inspires them to trust themselves, develop their own gifts and reach beyond the expected. What you’ve imagined is Waldorf School at Moraine Farm — one of nearly 1,000 Waldorf schools in 60 countries worldwide.

Here on the North Shore of Massachusetts, families have many wonderful options for their children’s education. Yet, Waldorf School at Moraine Farm offers an approach that reflects what many parents are seeking for their children’s education.


Come Visit Us

Come take a tour of our classrooms and you’ll begin to see what makes Waldorf at Moraine Farm different from all other schools. You’ll start to see and feel all the reasons to choose a Waldorf education. 

Being personally acquainted with a number of Waldorf students, I can say that they come closer to realizing their own potential than practically anyone I know.

- Joseph Weizenbaum, Professor Emeritus MIT

Facts About Waldorf Education

WCA Update: Week of May 11, 2020

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Waldorf Student a Finalist in Local Poetry Contest

In January, during their Creative Writing block, the 8th graders studied short stories and sonnets. "They despaired gleefully at the challenge of writing a sonnet..." wrote Mrs. Motter. "So much of the students' inner self was revealed in what they wrote during this...

Waldorf Education is Rigorous

A new definition of academic rigor is emerging today. It has little to do with acquiring information. Access to information today is unprecedented; how can today’s young people make sense of it all? How will they find purpose and fulfillment in their lives? Academics, if they are to serve children today, have to lay the groundwork for answering those questions in adulthood.

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Waldorf Education is Holistic

Waldorf schools have a holistic view of education — that is, we recognize that people are not just their “heads”; they have “hearts” and “hands” as well. We work to bring these aspects of each child into harmony and balance.

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There is Music Everywhere

We love music. From the youngest Parent & Child gathering, to our middle school classrooms, students play music regularly. Walk the halls of our school, and you’ll hear students and faculty singing, first graders playing recorder, our middle school ensemble tuning up.

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If We’re Moving, We’re Learning

Here you are unlikely to see a young child sitting at a desk for long stretches of time. Movement is more than a way to exercise the muscles or “blow off steam,” it’s an important part of how people learn. We make sure children move throughout their day: stomping, clapping, balancing, playing games, moving as they practice math facts.

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Waldorf Schools Pioneered Forest Kindergartens

Waldorf education has long recognized the need for children of all ages to have daily, unstructured outdoor play and pioneered the “Forest Kindergarten” model in the United States. Our students experience nature in all its wonder in daily outdoor classes and play. We know this builds imagination and problem solving from the earliest ages.

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We’re not Anti-Technology

Waldorf schools draw families from all walks of life, including the technology and media worlds. Yet, while you might find eighth graders taking apart a computer to learn how it works, you’ll rarely find us using computers or other electronic media for classroom instruction.

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Yes, We Play Outside in the Rain

Children love puddles. They love digging and stacking, piling and collecting, observing and wondering. Outdoor time in all weather is an important part of our education. Our youngest children start each day outdoors — in rain or shine — hiking, gardening, playing games, climbing trees, piling stones into a wall, creating mud dams, pulling potatoes on the Moraine Farm CSA.

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