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By Dirk Tiede, Cyber Civics Teacher

In early September I attended the “Humanity + Tech”  conference at the MIT Media Lab. It featured Joi Ito, the director of the Media Lab, Glen Murphy, the head of user experience at Google, and even Bo Burnham, the director of the movie “Eighth Grade”. In addition, a long list of scientists, journalists and thinkers joined the conference. I attended this important conference to investigate how closely the topics would parallel the ideas we cover in Cyber Civics class. In addition to sessions on the rise of artificial intelligence, how social media is changing our culture, and the proliferation of misinformation and fake news online, a significant portion of the conference focused on finding balance between our time spent on screen and everything else in our lives, which just happened to be the theme of the first unit we covered in the seventh grade class—“Learning Balance.”

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