Have you ever wondered what goes on inside our classrooms? We invite you to take a peek behind the curtain by reading our monthly reports. This month, we’re sharing some exciting updates from Grade 1 and Grade 3/4. Check out the highlights below then read the linked reports in full to learn more!

Fun With First Grade

-Did you know that you can develop fine motor skills AND executive functioning through drawing? The first grade class has been doing just that while working through a form drawing unit. In the process they’ve also produced some beautiful artwork for their classroom!

-Waldorf Education builds intuitive understanding of topics through storytelling. The first graders are learning about math processes– addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division– through the imaginative tale of Mul de Plier and her friends Addy Plus, Minus Miner, and Prince Divider.

Click here to read the full Grade 1 report


Adventures with Class 3/4

-Third and fourth graders are gearing up for their big farm trip in March and simultaneously expanding their understanding of grammar by reading Farmer Boy, a book about life on a farm in 1864. They’re so excited to see how farm life has– and hasn’t– changed since then!

-In handwork, Class 3/4 is building cross cultural connections and understandings. They’ve learned songs and stories highlighting the ways that various groups of people engage with the natural materials of our world.

Click here to read the full Grade 3/4 report