Have you ever wondered what goes on inside our classrooms? We invite you to take a peek behind the curtain by reading our monthly reports. This month, we’re sharing some exciting updates from Grade 2 and Grade 6/7. Check out the highlights below then read the linked reports in full to learn more!

Leadership Lessons From Grade 2

-Have you ever heard that you can’t always get what you want? Grade 2 knows all about this important life lesson as they’ve been honing communications skills to help them express themselves, navigate conflict, and more. Students are learning to work together, and are learning how to harness their own talents for the betterment of themselves and the group.

-We bet you can figure out how knitting can support the development of fine motor skills and math competencies, but did you know it can also support reading? It’s true! Following each stitch in a project helps students with eye-tracking which is a critical reading skill. Class 2 is working on an exciting and complex project– creating Gnomes– in handwork class that will set them up for success in all areas.

Click here to read the full Grade 2 report


Exploring with Class 6/7

-What is it like to experience history? Class 6/7 has been building an intimate understanding of the Age of Exploration by reading primary sources and accounts of voyages, settlements, and more that are focused on the human experience. This approach enables them to not only reflect on, but truly inhabit, the topics they’re studying.

-Sally sells seashells at the sea shore? If your tongue was tripping over that, imagine studying tongue twisters in German! Class 6/7 uses complicated rhymes to build their fluency and pronunciation– and has a lot of fun in the process!

Click here to read the full Grade 6/7 report