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A doula is a professional trained in providing continuous emotional and physical support to mothers during labor, delivery and early postpartum. The word doula comes from the Greek language and means “a woman who serves”.

Doulas help to…

  • Shorten time in labor
  • Minimize the need for pain medication
  • Reduce the risk of having a cesarean section
  • Bring joy and laughter to your special day

Alli Ocean wants to serve!
Alli Ocean has been nurturing local families for over a decade. She attended “Warm Welcome Birth” doula training this fall and is currently offering care at a reduced rate while she completes the experiential portion of her certification. Alli serves the LGBTQ community and all family constellations. She attends home, hospital, and birth-center births. For a free consultation or more information, please contact Alli at twolittleoceans@gmail.com or 978-810-5011.

Blessings on your birth-day!

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