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I remember when a college professor said to me “When you want something done, ask someone who’s busy.” It’s so true! We are all busy but we get things done. This week I am writing to you with a request. Take your busy schedule and fit in time for volunteering at school.

Our school is a healthier place when we are all involved. We are models for our children when we work together to build the events and activities that make us whole. None of these committees operates completely separate from the others. When you volunteer for one activity, you will learn quickly how interconnected we all are. I wish that for all of us!

We have committees that gather to organize the efforts that tend our gardens, produce our seasonal fairs, and celebrate our vibrant culture. I invite you to find yourself in one of these important groups.

Here is a list of committees and contacts at school that are open for your talent, your ideas and your participation.

Linda Wrinn, WCA Chair

Enchanted Fair Committee– Producers of the annual holiday fair. There are many sub-committees that make up this group.
Stacia Chamberlain
Larissa Bazile

Diversity Committee– Providing a basis for discussion about the varied cultures and cultural issues that make up our microcosm of society here at school as well as the greater world around us.
Marshunda Smith

Outdoor Committee– Plans and maintains the outdoor spaces including gardens, landscaping and hardscaping.
Laura Freysinger

Waldorf Community Association (WCA) – A framework for the involvement of everyone in the school community, hosting a variety of events both social and educational throughout the year.
Linda Wrinn

Aesthetics Committee– Unifies the quality and standards of the physical appearance within the school building.
Larissa Mills
Larissa Bazile

Café/Lunch Committee– The goal of this committee is to revitalize and organize the effort to make lunch available one day per week and bring back the morning café.
Linda Wrinn

Reminder of upcoming events:

Parent Handwork – Every Wednesday this crafting session takes place in the Handwork Room from 8:15-10:00 am. No prior experience or materials necessary. Children are welcome.

“Feeding Our Families Sustainably” – Thursday, Oct. 4 – A presentation and discussion about how we source our food to nourish our families. It will be held in the Trayes Room from 6:30-8: 00 pm.

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