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View the most recent Waldorf Community Association (WCA) newsletter HERE. Below are highlights of WCA’s current projects and events. All community members are invited to participate. Please click through the below links to learn more.

  • *New* — Wellness Series
    We are kicking off a “Wellness Series” starting in December, to bring different professionals to our midst to talk about the various ways stress impacts us physically and mentally and of course, how we transfer that to our kids. Learn More

  • *New* — Waldorf in Business
    In our “Waldorf In Business” series, we are interviewing parents who have small businesses selling their own products and services as a way to show some of the innovative ways people have found economic gain through their talent. It serves to bring us together socially as we learn more about each other and to promote a  responsible, local business. Learn More

  • Earth Oven Demo
    We are scheduling small groups to come to the Earth Oven for safe in-person gatherings with the nourishment of warm bread. Please talk to your class parent about holding a gathering for the parents in your class.

  • We have a more robust Buddy Program than ever and we would like to recognize our Admissions Coordinator, Coleen Ryan for her organized and helpful involvement. We encourage our buddy pairs to arrange walks with each other to provide real-life contact that is essential.

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