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The most recent Waldorf Community Association (WCA) newsletter can be viewed HERE. Below are highlights of WCA’s current projects and events. All community members are invited to participate. Please click through the below links to learn more.

  • Festivals — Martinmas & Lantern Walk

    For the lantern walk, we turn inward, closer to winter, while carrying with us our lanterns like a warm spark of sun.

    This light theme is intentional. Here in New England, the strong light of summer becomes the vivid, color-filled light of fall, and as winter days approach, the leaves fall and the sunlight dwindles. The summer light does not disappear but in fact remains, just in a different form.

    The flowers, for example, derived from the energy of the sun, have transformed into fruit and seed for the winter, carrying summer’s light through to spring. Similarly, the sap of the tree has moved down in the roots, preserving the sweet light deep inside until spring.

    People can do the same. It is, in fact, the strength of our own inner lights that guides us in good work and good deeds. We are able to gather in strength, to take the light-filled wonder of the outside world and carry it within.

    We don’t speak about this with the children, but through the quiet joy of lantern walk they will feel the beautiful mood, a mood arising out of this impulse.

    In Waldorf education, this theme of inner light will grow through the years as the children grow. Teachers honor the belief that each individual child has their own inner light to be discovered and brought into the world as they grow.

  • A Review of Recent Events
    From the recent Movie Night to the Freecycle, read updates on a variety of WCA events. Read More.

  • Update — Earth Oven Demo (Date TBD)
    Join us outside around our earth oven (in front of the school). Learn about our earth oven, see how it works, and enjoy freshly baked bread! Date TBD.

  • Next General Meeting
    Tuesday • November 17 • 6:00 – 6:30 PM. Streaming LIVE in our Waldorf Community Bulletin Facebook group. All are welcome to join. The guest speaker will be Facilities Manager, Jack Hogan.

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