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This past week we had the pleasure of hearing from FBI cyberterrorism expert Scott McGaunn and Cyber Civics Teacher Dirk Tiede who presented some of the latest cautionary measures recommended for our internet consumption. Scott was pragmatic and flexible, willing to answer questions from the large crowd and divulge some experience-based knowledge. We learned about how to recognize when our personal information might be sought for nefarious purposes (think Facebook quizzes!) and he defined the Dark Web for us. Dirk shared some of the ways in which we can introduce our children to computer use in age-appropriate ways. He detailed a few of the exercises he uses in his curriculum for our middle school students to learn and understand what it means to be a participant in the cyber world. Dirk also gave us handouts including resources and tips. If you would like copies of the resources, please see Dirk Tiede or Linda Wrinn.