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The Marshunda Project

On Saturday, October 5th at 7pm, Marshunda Smith, our very own 1st – 8th grade Music Teacher and Homeschool Program coordinator, will lead an ensemble of musicians on a journey through works by British composers Ralph Vaughan Williams, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor and a “World Premiere” from local Danvers composer, Charles Turner. The Marshunda Project aims to bring unsung composers to the fore whilst giving some interesting historical information and having local composers speak about their pieces. In this inaugural concert, composer Charles Turner will speak about his works and will welcome questions from the audience. Many pieces on the program have not been recorded or have not been recorded more than once.

On the Program:

  • 5 Mystical Songs for Bariton by Ralph Vaughan Williams
  • Nonet, Op. 2 and 4 Novellettes, Op. 52 for Strings, Tambourine & Triangle by Samuel Coleridge-Taylor
  • “World Premiere” Danvers Harmonies, Tenting, and Brambles & Brush: a Rag by Charles Turner

October 5, 2019. 7 pm.                                                                                                                                                          Second Congregational Church, 35 Conant Street, Beverly, MA                                                                                       Adults $20, Seniors/Students $15, Youth (under 12 years) $5

Tickets are on sale at www.Marshunda.com




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