Waldorf Homeschooling Program

Academic and Artistic Enrichment Classes for Homeschooled Students

Offering First through Eighth Grade Level Classes

At Waldorf School at Moraine Farm our vision for education is easy to embrace. We help every student develop his or her unique gifts using a proven, holistic approach. Waldorf students become independent, creative thinkers who can act with a sense of responsibility and compassion. We hope that by offering programs to homeschooling groups in our region we will expand the accessibility of Waldorf education to a wider audience and support families who already share our passion for Waldorf education.

The Homeschool Program Guide below gives a glimpse into the types of subject matter and classes that we offer. While we do adhere to what is developmentally appropriate for each age level, as you will see indicated in the course overviews, we can work with groups to meet their individual needs, abilities and areas of interest.

We look forward to learning with you and your students!

Courses will include all supplies and facilitation by one of our experienced faculty members. There will be a pre-planning meeting to learn about the individual students and ensure the course will meet the needs of the particular group. At the conclusion of the course there will be reports shared and conferences offered.

Our homeschooling program runs from 10:35 am to 12:10 pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays and is for elementary through middle school age children. Each course is a 8-week session, meeting once a week. Each day there will be two 45-minute subject classes. Homeschoolers can choose to take one or two courses in the same 8-week session.