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Looking for ways to volunteer and help the school? There’s always plenty to do.  The following committees can use your generous help to realize their goals for this school year.

Outdoor Life Committee: Maintaining the outdoor spaces happens in all seasons. Inquire with Laura Freysinger at artnsew68@gmail.com for information about upcoming work.  

Diversity Committee: It’s Black History Month. Good time to announce your interest in helping advance our diversity awareness and appreciation around campus and in our greater community. Talk to Marshunda Smith to get more involved. msmith@waldorfmoraine.org

Waldorf Community Association: We have multiple activities coming up and need help ranging from baking pies to taking clothing donations to charity drop off spots. Contact Linda Wrinn at Lmwrinn@gmail.com and look for our meetings announced here in the Buzz.

Aesthetics Committee – We strive to keep our spaces warm, inviting and cohesive throughout our school. There is joyful work to be done. Please contact lmills@waldorfmoraine.org for ideas.  

Click here for a full list of Board Mandated and Other Parent Led School Committees in 2018-2019

Thank you for volunteering!

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