Urvi Morrison 


It is a great pleasure to announce that Urvi Morrison is joining Waldorf School at Moraine Farm as School Director. 

Urvi brings high-caliber organizational leadership blended with educational experience –both in the classroom as a middle school teacher and as a member on multiple private school boards. 

“Today I walk with a lighter step.  Why, do you ask?  A new member of our community has agreed to join us on our collective journey to discover and re-discover what a Waldorf education means in our time. This is the same journey that a small number of us began in the mid-1980s. Let us all accompany Urvi Morrison as she takes the next steps with us.  Welcome, Urvi!” —Karl Pulkkinen, founding school member



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Urvi Morrison



Search Committee

Deann Reyes-Wangh (Faculty & parent)
Teri Riddle (Board Chair)
Luke Beardslee (Parent & alum)
Caroline Clark (Parent)
Rebecca Rugo (Faculty)
Michaelann Murphy (Faculty & parent)
Claudia Bowman (Board member & alum)
Coleen Ryan (Staff & Faculty)
Caroline Horner (Parent & former executive director)
James Kennedy (Faculty & parent)

Community Reviewers:

  • Kate Barrett

  • Tina Blythe

  • Marc Hazel

  • Nathan Kono

  • George Mcwilliams

  • Tibor Nemes
  • Karl Pulkinnen