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Urvi Morrison

Welcome, everyone, to Waldorf School at Moraine Farm!

Now more than ever, the world needs independent thinkers who have a true interest in humanity and who are capable of creatively meeting the challenges of this time. 

At Waldorf School at Moraine Farm, we help our students explore their world by asking challenging questions and helping them find meaningful answers. In the process, they develop a passion for learning and an instinct for independent thinking that lasts a lifetime. 

How do we achieve this? Through three approaches: 

  • Through Arts. We weave arts and creativity into all our academic disciplines – from nursery through eighth grade – to enhance and enrich learning. You’ll find that music fills out hallways, paintings line our walls, and movement and rhythms shape our days.


  • Through Nature. We integrate nature into our curriculum, with students often spending the majority of their day in outdoor classes. Tucked into 200+ acres of Frederick Law Olmsted-designed meadows, pine forests, and lakes, our campus is a natural classroom.
  • Holistically. Waldorf teaches through a whole-child model, commonly known in Waldorf circles as “head, heart, and hands.”  We engage students intellectually, emotionally, and physically through our balanced, practical, and integrated curriculum. Students at WSMF develop confidence as independent thinkers, creative doers, and stewards of our earth. 

It is an honor and privilege to serve as School Director at Waldorf School at Moraine Farm. With a 35 year history in Massachusetts’ North Shore behind us, we have decades of rich and child-centered experiences ahead of us. 

Are you interested in learning more? Schedule a visit or send me an email – or reach out to our admissions director. We’d love to talk with you!

With love and gratitude,

Urvi Morrison



Urvi Morrison 


It is a great pleasure to announce that Urvi Morrison is joining Waldorf School at Moraine Farm as School Director. 

Urvi brings high-caliber organizational leadership blended with educational experience –both in the classroom as a middle school teacher and as a member on multiple private school boards. 

“Today I walk with a lighter step.  Why, do you ask?  A new member of our community has agreed to join us on our collective journey to discover and re-discover what a Waldorf education means in our time. This is the same journey that a small number of us began in the mid-1980s. Let us all accompany Urvi Morrison as she takes the next steps with us.  Welcome, Urvi!” —Karl Pulkkinen, founding school member



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Search Committee

Deann Reyes-Wangh (Faculty & parent)
Teri Riddle (Board Chair)
Luke Beardslee (Parent & alum)
Caroline Clark (Parent)
Rebecca Rugo (Faculty)
Michaelann Murphy (Faculty & parent)
Claudia Bowman (Board member & alum)
Coleen Ryan (Staff & Faculty)
Caroline Horner (Parent & former executive director)
James Kennedy (Faculty & parent)

Community Reviewers:

  • Kate Barrett

  • Tina Blythe

  • Marc Hazel

  • Nathan Kono

  • George Mcwilliams

  • Tibor Nemes
  • Karl Pulkinnen