The Reopening Task Force (ROTF) meets almost daily to discuss pertinent information regarding the current recommendations from the Governor, DESE (Dept. Elementary and Secondary Ed.) the CDC and the most recent COVID rates in our area published weekly by the state.

Starting on November 6, Governor Baker issued new guidance in a couple of areas. We want to take an opportunity to update you on how the school is adapting to these new orders.  

Governor Baker issued a revised order that requires all people to wear masks in public from age 5 and up.

In our school, we require all grade students to wear a mask/face covering except for Nursery and Kindergarten. Going forward, we will be recommending that all Kindergarten students wear masks when inside the building and will work to make this a part of the Kindergarten habit life.

Governor Baker and DESE have stated that the most important thing is for kids to be in school in person as much as possible. 

At WSMF we are doing everything we can to mitigate any virus spread and keep the school open and in-person. Thus far we have only had to quarantine three pods (pod = grade group) as a precaution when a member of that pod has tested positive for COVID. 

Last week, Massachusetts made a decision to increase the threshold of COVID cases from 8 to 22 when calculating what towns are considered high risk (RED). This means that many towns that were red last week are now yellow or green. Our ROTF closely monitors our own community percentages of people living in red/yellow/green towns (see pg 36 of Reopening Guide). With the state increasing the number of confirmed cases needed for a town to be considered high risk (RED), it will be easier for our school to continue with in-person learning. The ROTF will continue to monitor our community and make decisions based on that information. 

Of course, we are also closely monitoring our own rate of COVID cases within our student and staff population and will continue to make decisions based on all of these factors and the health and well being of our entire school.