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A Message from the Anthroposophical Society of Cape Ann:
We warmly welcome you to join us as we attempt to deepen our understanding of anthroposophy – the philosophy that underlies Waldorf Education. Most of us are alumnae parents who took an interest in the work of Rudolf Steiner as it extends beyond the beautiful education of our children. During the school year, we meet to mark seasonal festivals, roughly every three months, and we also host a study group that meets every two weeks. Upcoming events:

  • Friday, September 28th, 6:00 pm – Michaelmas Pot Luck Supper at The House of Peace in Ipswich
  • Monday, October 1st, 7:30 pm – Study Group meeting in the Trayes Room.

Our Michaelmas gathering will be held Friday, September 28th at The House of Peace in Ipswich, beginning with Pot Luck Supper at 6:00. A flier can be found here.

Our study group this year will take up The Foundations of Human Experience, which is a collection of Lectures Dr. Steiner gave to the first Waldorf Faculty as they prepared to open the School in Stuttgart almost 100 years ago. In these fourteen lectures, given in 1919, Steiner offers a deep, detailed and illuminating picture of the human person. Given to Waldorf teachers, these lectures have proven to be the most vital foundation for a true understanding of Spiritual Science. The first Study Group meeting is Monday, October 1st, 7:30PM in the Trayes Room. Please follow this link from SteinerBooks for a very helpful description of this book.

All parents, faculty and staff are welcome to join any of these events. No prior experience in anthroposophy is required. In fact, we have always found that the most important questions are asked by those who are new to the subject. I hope to meet many of you this year.


Dave Mansur
for The Anthroposophical Society of Cape Ann

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