Transferring to Waldorf School at Moraine Farm

We welcome children into our school in Grades K – 8. Children who transfer to a Waldorf school in Grades   K – 4 are often on par with their peers in reading, math and basic academic skills. Areas of foreign language, music, physical coordination skills, artistic and social development, cursive handwriting, and listening skills may require some additional attention, but it has been our experience that children progress comfortably through these transitions.

In Grades 5 – 8, a meeting with a member of our Admissions Team and one of our Middle School teachers would prove most valuable in giving you a more personal idea of what the transfer would be like for your child. These transitions are not difficult — just different. In fact, we find that many students who join in the middle school years adapt well as they transition from the larger class sizes and often less individualized teaching styles of other schools.