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This week we’ve reached 84.21% participation from our families and 100% participation from our faculty and staff! Thank you and let’s keep it going! The sooner we reach 100% participation from our families, the more confidently we can approach foundations. WSMF Fund 2018-2019 Goal: $150,000

We’ve also added a way to give on Facebook. Share with your friends and family. Invite them to donate and share your story of Why You Give.

Donate Online Today.

In choosing to support the Waldorf School at Moraine Farm Fund*, you help change everyday moments into transformative ones. You directly improve our ability to educate a new generation of independent and compassionate individuals through an integrated curriculum of rich storytelling, creative play, and goal-oriented academic activities. You also provide an opportunity for deserving children, who otherwise would not be able, to experience Waldorf School at Moraine Farm. Each and every meaningful gift in our small community is vital and directly influences the daily experience of our children and our ability to grow and thrive as a school. Donate Online Today.

*combination of our Annual Fund and Enhancement Fund

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