On Saturday, June 7, Governor Baker announced that the state was moving into phase 2 of the reopening plan. With that announcement, day camps were allowed to open and Guidelines for child care and summer camps were shared. After reading the requirements and discussing what is both feasible and feels authentic to a true Waldorf experience, we decided that we cannot deliver the quality of Early Childhood Summer program that we would like to. We currently still have 5 weeks of camps scheduled for 7-12-year-olds between mid-July and August. We will next decide the feasibility of running that program. By June 29, we could move into Phase 3 of the state’s reopening plan and some of the guidelines may be different and could allow us to host some summer events and programs.

We will continue to follow work being done by the CDC, State, and local Board of Health. In addition to familiarizing ourselves with the current state guidelines focused on summer camp, we are also looking at recently shared information about summer school. While neither of these includes the exact rules that we will be required to follow in September, they do help us form realistic expectations and enough information to begin to imagine what different scenarios our school may be working with this fall. We plan to share a few possible scenarios, for what school may look like in September shortly.

This week we will be sending out the End of Year Parent Survey, there will be some questions focused on the experience each family has had with the time in distance learning. We value your input and look forward to receiving your feedback. We anticipate sending a second parent survey that will focus on the fall and return of the school year later this summer.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please reach out! You can email info@waldorfmoraine.org and your question will be directed to the right person.

Coleen Ryan
Reopening Task Force Chair