Elizabeth Trocki
April 8, 1955 – May 26, 2020

Elizabeth Trocki was a Class Teacher at our school, then called Cape Ann Waldorf School. She joined the school in 1989 when the school was growing to include three grade classes, as well as our early childhood program. She took the 1st-grade class which she taught through 8th grade. She was instrumental in helping the school develop in its early years, especially caring for the health of the social life of the community. She will be greatly missed. We send our love with her as she journeys to new realms. You can read her obituary here.

I was united with you;
remain united within me.
We will converse
In the speech of eternal being.
We will be active
Where deeds take effect.
We will weave in spirit
Where human thoughts are woven
In the world of eternal thoughts.

Verse by Rudolf Steiner