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Thanks to the inspiration of alumni parent Anita Brewer-Siljeholm and vision of the school community, the handicap parking/dismissal area will be converted into a beautiful outdoor community space. The quad project will start today and, for this reason, we will be closing the area off through mid-June. The handicap parking spots will be moved to the paved parking area closest to the pathway to the school. Some of the uses for the quad will be: an outdoor classroom, a meeting space, and rental venue for weddings and parties during the summer, fall and spring seasons. During Phase One of the quad project, to be completed by the end of this summer, a fence and path along the paved parking lot will be installed, as well as a grass area and canopy. Phase Two of the quad project will include landscaping details, new plantings, and lighting. The landscape design for the quad is on display in the community space. If you would like to be involved in the planning and fundraising for Phase Two of this project, please connect with Facilities Manager, Jack Hogan and/or Caroline Horner.  Any further questions or ideas about the quad project, please contact Jack Hogan.