On Saturday, October 30, we will host our second annual Halloween Pumpkin Walk. Current families and alumni are encouraged to participate, however reservations are required. We need your help to light the way! In order to light the path, we ask that each family carve a pumpkin or two at home and bring them to school during one of the following time slots:

  • Wed October 27 during morning arrival
  • Thur Oct 28  8-10 am
  • Fri Oct 29 8-10 am

These pumpkins can be left at the Trayes Room entrance and will line the trail to celebrate our creativity and festive spirits! Sunday, all day, families are invited to pick up their own pumpkins from along the trail and bring them home for family Halloween Celebrations! Community members of all ages will be attending this event, so please consider everyone when choosing your carving designs. If you have any questions or would like ideas, you’re welcome to reach out to Branigan Reed Costumes are allowed for the event, being mindful of these general guidelines which are meant to accommodate all members of our community, big and small. Costumes should:

  • Follow the general intention of the school dress code with reasonable exceptions (make up, hair color, holes, characters)
  • No full masks
  • No scary or violent costumes, or costumes that mock individuals or groups of people

All walking slots are open to all families, but we encourage families with younger children to attend earlier in the day when there is still plenty of daylight. Bring your flashlights and Halloween spirits, we can’t wait to see you! The following spots will be available: 4- 4:30 PM 4:30- 5 PM 5-5:30 PM 5:30- 6 PM 6- 6:30 PM 6:30-7 PM Please sign up here to walk!