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Waldorf School at Moraine Farm is an independent, private school located in Beverly, MA North Shore Boston.

We offer Parent & Child, Mommy and Me Classes, Nursery, Preschool, Kindergarten through Middle School, Grade 8.

Through a multi-dimensional, experiential and challenging curriculum, Waldorf School at Moraine Farm helps students discover and develop their individual capacities so they can fully engage in the world and contribute meaningfully to society. We aim to cultivate clarity of thinking, compassion and moral strength, and purposeful action in our students.

Our campus, nestled on historic Moraine Farm, offers students acres of woodlands, grassy meadows, shores of Wenham Lake, farmland and gardens. Our love for the outdoors is shared by both students and parents. We ensure that every school day, regardless of the weather, includes plenty of outdoor time for exploration and imagination.

Our holistic approach helps students to grow and flourish intellectually, emotionally and socially.

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This school redefines modern education by utilizing a tried and true methodology of teaching and engaging the whole child. They genuinely love children and treat them with enormous respect. Children blossom into their full potential here and develop a life long love of learning.

This school has been an incredible blessing for my son and our whole family. Each time I read an article about the latest “cutting edge” research about the best ways to teach children and “new” information about how children learn, I see yet again that the Waldorf Curriculum has been following these best practices for the last 150 years. The curriculum incorporates so much hands-on, experiential education and teaches the child to think deeply and critically, rather than just to recite facts. Cannot recommend this school highly enough.