A sincere THANK YOU to all families, faculty, staff, and friends of the school that came to support our Enchanted Caravan Pop-Up Shoppe! This event was a great success and meant to honor the spirit of our beloved Enchanted Fair. We are deeply grateful for the work of the Development Committee (Heidi Henrickson-Zohn, Anita Haller-ONeill, Laura Freysinger, Hayley Beaudoin, Natalie DiBello, and Kennan McKenzie) on this event. A special word of thanks to Natalie DiBello and her family for creating the Enchanted Caravan Catalogue!

Below are some pictures of the shop that Anita Haller-O’Neill captured. We have plenty of stock online, so if you didn’t get a chance to shop in person, you and your friends can still shop online!

Shop the Enchanted Caravan Online